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Hey! Check it out. I broke my first board at karate last night. With my elbow. Woot!

Why was I breaking boards with my elbow? Because I’m practicing tameshiwari for the Thousand Waves Spirit Challenge.

What is the Spirit Challenge, you ask? It’s a fundraiser that helps the Thousand Waves Seido karate dojo continue its non-violence education, community outreach, and scholarship work.

As part of my individual challenge this year, I will be participating in several events over the weekend of the Spirit Challenge (Oct. 13-14). I will bike 30 miles on the morning of October 13th. On Sunday, I will perform an hour of kata (formal martial arts movement). I will participate in a karate performance piece. I will also attempt to do some karate board breaking.

That’s right, people. I will attempt to break WOODEN BOARDS with my BARE HANDS. Can you refuse my fundraising plea now?! Seriously. Consider a donation. It’s a good organization and a good cause. Your money will go to worthy purposes. Plus. WOODEN BOARD BREAKING WITH MY BARE HANDS. That is all.

Click the Spirit Challenge link above to go to my personal donation page. Or click here to go to the main fundraiser site.


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