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Injustice in the Key of Lady

According to, Sanjaya has received the third highest vote count for last night’s Idol performance and will be safe from elimination this week. What?! How is this possible? Here are some of his American Idol clips. Watch (if you can bear it) and judge for yourself.

People. This is a conspiracy if I ever saw one. Did Karl Rove create this Topsy-Turvy World? Is Scooter Libby using the time before his sentencing to work the speed dialer? I bet he is. And I bet he’ll forget that he did it. And then he’ll suddenly “remember” that Tim Russert is really the one who’s the big Sanjaya fan. Just sayin’.

Put poor Sanjaya out of his misery. He’s only 17. Let him go home and hula. Save our ears. Save the world.

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