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Day One of the Scavenger Hunt: No More Marty’s

Things we have learned already after Day 1 of Scavenger Hunt 2006: The guys at Marty’s 1) have no sense of humor; and 2) are really, really rude.

Item 57 on the Scavenger Hunt list: Get a martini named for you at Marty’s

Does this mean that they have to actually name a martini for you? Or put it on their menu? No. They could just say, “Ok, for the next 2 minutes, this drink will be called the Laura-tini.” Or they could make up a martini drink, the scavenger hunt player could write down the recipe and drink name on the list, and have a staff person sign it. If the bar is too busy, they could say, “Hey, it’s kind of busy right now – but try us tomorrow when we open.” And then they could ask whether the scavenger hunt player wants to order a drink.

What did the guys at Marty’s do? They said they wouldn’t name a martini for anyone (which is obviously fine, although not sporting) and then they were rude, refused to serve the scavenger hunt players at all, turned their backs on them, and in one case, immediately offered another group of people the scavenger hunt players’ seats at the bar.

First, the only reason they were on the list at all is because we, as in the judges and the Scav Hunt players, frequently patronize Marty’s and spend a fair amount of money there. Second, being too busy to help out on Friday night – absolutely fine, absolutely understandable. Being pointedly rude and refusing to serve people at all just because they asked about this item on the list? Totally not fine.

So, from now on, Marty’s is off the scavenger hunt list and off the list of places where we choose to spend our money.

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