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The Hunt Is Up

Finally! We have a winner of the Second Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt!

Competition was particularly tight this year as all participants really gave 100% – but, as a certain Highlander might point out, there can only be One. This year the top performer is the team known as “That’s What I Thought” – Betsy and Stacey!! That’s right, coming in with a grand total of 52 points, Betsy and Stacey managed to squeak by the competition and achieve victory. This also marks Betsy’s second year in the top spot. Betsy and Stacey will take home the first place Fabulous Prize Package (including 2-week guest blogging privileges, a DVD set of the first season of “Bewitched,” a BBQ in their honor, a free Flickr Pro account, and, of course, year-long bragging rights).

Tied for Second this year are the teams of Collene and JB – with an impressive score of 51 – and Karen (solo!) – also racking up 51 points. They will share the second place Fabulous Prize Package.

As always, we’ll post pictures from the best submissions – look for them later in the week!

Thank you to all our participants – and we’ll see you next year!


Courtney and Mirandala

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