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Put me in, coach – I’m ready to play today; look at me, I can be [right]field….

I must comment on the trade of Sosa to The Orioles.
This one threw me for a loop.
I really never expected the O’s to pick up the Cub who has fallen so far from his glory days when he and Mark McGwire were chasing Roger Maris’ homerun record…and I am a life-long Baltimore Orioles fan. I go to Comiskey Park each year when the O’s play the White Sox (this year, it’s a convienient homestand the weekend of May 12!) But I digress…Chicago is glad to get rid of him—even at the cost of $12 million this season. He is arguably a bargain for the O’s—they only have to pay $7 million. I checked with my dad to see if Baltimore is excited, or if they have heard rumors at how Chicagoans are glad to see him go—not to mention his less-than appealing conduct. But Baltimore, which has won one world championship in the last twenty years (the Ravens won the Superbowl in 2001) is itching to be a contender again. We haven’t had a World Series victory since Cal Ripken’s second season in 1983. So Sosa may be providing the excitement Baltimore has long needed. And it looks like they are being welcoming. Season ticket sales have gone up exponentially since his signing. His Orioles jersey (#21) is already for sale on The Orioles official site. But knowing the O’s only picked him up this year because he was a bargain, this means Sammy has to show he’s worth the money for Baltimore to exercise an option to keep him on for the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Hopefully that will give Sosa the incentive to be on his best behavior and know that, although Baltimore is anxoius to see what the slugger can do, he needs to prove himself to keep fans of The Birds on his side…

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