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We Been Spending Most Our Lives Living in an Amish Paradise

Dost thou wish to churn my butter...? TiVo alert!!! We’ve been following this story for a while, and although there have been production problems (outraged Amish people! refusing to take their place in the pantheon of Americans who are willing to degrade themselves in front of the cameras!), it appears that everything is now green-light, go-go-go! There has been much rejoicing at the staff offices of

In fact, Amish in the City has exceeded our expectations. Not only will UPN (a network with a distinguished history of ground-breaking television (ok, ok, the only reason you can’t diss them is because they picked up Buffy after the WB turned its Gilmore-Girls-loving back)) take five Amish youths who are in the middle of rumspringa (a multi-year period during which Amish youth are permitted to participate in mainstream American life before they decide whether or not to join the Amish church) and drop them directly into the Devil’s Playground (Hollywood), but they’ll also put them in a house with six random non-Amish hotties. Let the fun begin!

Will Jonas, Miriam, Mose, Randy, and Ruth be able to handle the California surf? Will they be tempted away from their Midwestern Amish roots by their trampy roommates? Will the fact that Miriam and Ruth have only been educated through the 8th grade distinguish them at all from the average SoCal bimbette? Will Mose give up constructing gadgets and toys in his spare time and instead become a big pothead? And why does Randy have a flavor-saver?

I, for one, will be rushing home tonight to set up a TiVo Season Pass for this mid-summer reality series. Hoorah for crap TV!

[Weird Al Yankovic lyrics = 2]

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