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The kind of cat that you just can’t pick up and throw into your lap

meow! So I went and saw Catwoman yesterday. It was opening day and after reading the review in the tribune giving it one star and calling it “A vacuous lingerie show posing as feminism. . .” I practically skipped all the way to the theater, nearly running down some of the boys I work with. After what seemed like four million previews the movie began, there was like an hour of stuff (and I’m not talking about the kind of stuff Barbie dreams about with me on a Harley and someone else on the back in which all we are able to do during the stuff is maybe hum). No, this was the kind of stuff in which I would recommend if you go to this movie on a date, you just go ahead and sit in the back of the theater and make out, or if you go alone, take your Itty Bitty Book Light and catch up on some reading, really. The whole first half of the movie is crap you don’t care about. The reason you want to see this movie is to see Halle Berry prance around in a cat suit. Sure, the dude from Law and Order is in it (if you like that sort of thing) and she has her wacky work friends and there is some sort of back story and an evil villian, and blah, blah, whatever, who cares! You want to see this movie for the cat suit sequences that really are a lot like a soft porn music video. I mean, what is cat woman? Is she a super hero? Is she a bad girl? Is she just empowered to be her true self by wearing skin tight leather and prancing around with a whip (yes, please!) Oh yeah, there’s also a pretty decent fight scene between Catwoman and a very hot Sharon Stone but, you know, the movie’s rated PG-13 so don’t expect the same kind of cat fight you’d see if the movie was rated R!
So go ahead, you know you want to see it. I might even see it again, I’ll be in the back row of course. . .

[Ani DiFranco lyrics = 3]

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