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Hey, Truth Is Ammunition

Alix Olson & Pamela Means - tearing up the shed @ the Midwest Womyn's AutumnfestDeb & Steph rock on.

So, I managed to make it out to lovely DeKalb, IL yesterday in time to catch some amazing acts at the Midwest Womyn’s Autumnfest. Of particular note were Alix Olson, Pamela Means, and Halcyon.

The weather was gray and rainy and cold cold cold. Maybe there were about 150 people there – but that’s probably a generous guesstimate. Actually, it was a bit like the Menses Fair scene in Hedwig…I kept waiting for the internationally-ignored song stylist herself to appear and burst into a rousing rendition of Wig in a Box. But I digress. So, there we were, all huddled under the park shelter, trying to get comfortable on our various spots of unforgiving concrete. Thankfully, the entertainment was top notch and we could concentrate on that – and not our sore and soggy selves.

Alix Olson was excellent – I missed her at Michigan by a couple of days, but picked up her latest CD and have been listening to it on the daily bus ride. It’s really great, y’all. I’m usually not a big fan of spoken word – at least, not recorded spoken word – but Alix managed to pack a lot of her energy and meaning into her CD and I’ve really been enjoying it – so I dragged my sorry self out to DeKalb just to see her. She didn’t disappoint. And great as the CD is, it’s nothing compared to seeing her live. That girl can really throw down.

Pamela Means was also amazing – I was unfamiliar w/ her work, but walked away a fan at the end of the day. Seriously brilliant guitar playing.

Also a nice surprise – our buddy Aerin Tedesco and her buddy, Andrea Bunch, played a great set for us. Aerin’s got a new CD out and will be doing a CD Release party at the Hideout on September 18th. Check out her website for more info as it becomes available.

OK – so I was going to hightail it out of DeKalb right after Aerin’s set – but the group (shout out to Jay, Jo, and Sonia) managed to convince me to stay on in order to hear Halcyon. I’m glad they did – Halcyon was a lot of fun. Great voices, amazing stage presence, tons of humor. They were clearly a crowd favorite. They even invited people from the crowd onstage for some amateur percussion backup (hey – over on the right! There’s Jay! whaddya know…).

Anyway, a good time was had by all, we were only slightly frozen by the end of the evening, and I managed to spend even more of my disposable income on new music (thank you Goldenrod). Better music than therapy, right?

[Pamela Means lyrics = 1]

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