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Paging Dr. Renee Richards…

Martina could crush you like a walnut between her thighs.  Just sayin'.
An update from Courtney, World Traveler:

Today, I went on one of my life’s pilgrimages…I’ve made it to the Grand Old Opry, The Sound of Music Tour in Austria, and both Snoopy Amusement Parks in the States, but I always wanted to visit Wimbledon. Today I did. Kelly was the lucky party who got to accompany me. She was a geat sport (no pun intended). And, although she was never as into tennis as I have been, she loved the museum almost as much as I did. I had to practically drag her away from the highlights films. They were captivating.

The day started much like yesterday—the full English breakfast (I just have tea and toast) and then off to the museums for the morning. Saw the Darwin exhibit at The Natural History Museum (did you know that all species have occurances of albino-ism?) and then off to The Victoria and Albert Museum right next door. Loved the Islamic Art display and the Hall of Forgeries and Fakes. They sure know how to do free museums over here.

Then we hopped on the tube’s District Line down to Wimbledon. The town was much like one of the mountain towns of Colorado—well manicured lawns and quaint houses with very expensive cars in the driveways. We walked for about 30 minutes up and down hills following the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club signs. Finally, we were there. This was a very well-done museum (and I’ve seen a lot of museums, from the standard like the Smithsonian to the downright weird like The Beverage Container Museum). Watching highlights of Chrissy and Martina’s matches together was a quick run-through of their hair styles. They were strikingly similar until Chrissy got a perm and Martina opted for the driving glasses and suicide-blonde mullet. Billie Jean King [Ed. Note: talk about bad hair…] is listed on the Winners Board as Mrs. L.W. King. I was only disappointed in the fact that the giftshop had 4 posters available of Anna Kournikova (I don’t think she’s ever made it past the semi or quarter-finals there, has she, maybe just once?) Also, they didn’t have a Wimbledon Championships Rugby shirt in XS.

So, after buying some lovely branded Wimbledon material, we rolled down the hill to the tube stop (where Arthur had a lovely shot taken with his Wimbledon Championships patch) and headed to dinner at Wagamama. We were hungry because we had forgotten to eat lunch with the excitement of Wimbledon and all. And Wagamama certainly came through for us. They thrive on efficiency and you sit cafeteria-bench style next to stangers. I had a ramen dish and sushi rice. Kelly had one of their special plates with potstickers.

Now we’re winding down the day at the Internet Cafe a couple blocks from home base. LOVE this Internet Cafe—decent rates, great music: Carole King, Sophie B. Hawkins, kd Lang, Janis Ian, Carly Simon…I’d pay just to listen to their music.

On tap for tomorrow—visting outside of London for the day, to Oxford University and the surrounding town with Kelly’s pals from Claire’s Court where she taught in the fall of 1997. Tomorrow evening is theatre night with: ‘The Madness of George Dubya‘ in Leicester Square.

Strangest site today: T-shirt on a woman which said: University of Yale, United States. Somehow, I don’t think anyone in New Haven is receiving any profit from those shirts…

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