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So If You Still Know How, Talk To Me Now

Today we draw your attention to’s new message board (over there on the right – see it?). Why put up a message board? Aren’t we satisfied with the general paucity of comments on our individual posts? Do we really need to prove that love can sometimes be scarce? Um…yeah, whatever. Think of it as a way to drop by and say hi without having to come up with something pithy and related to the latest blog post. Tell us how your day is going. Comment on one of the recent Sideblog items. Share what you had for lunch. Put in a request. Suggest a post topic. Slander your boss. Indulge in a political rant. Shower us with compliments. Ask to be a guest blogger. Post a review of the last movie you saw. Squeal on your roommate. Just join in the conversation, eh?

[Ani DiFranco lyrics=2]

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