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Old Navy, New Disappointment

Kittyteef: I just got back from the dismal selection of pants at Old Navy.

Mirandala: Oh, Old Navy. Consistently disappointing.

Kittyteef: It used to be so good! With a large selection of work pants. Now it looks like romper room.

Mirandala: Old Navy t-shirts. So flimsy.

Kittyteef: Good for sleeping though.

Mirandala: That is how they are used in my household. They do have decent PJ pants. Old Navy: Clothes You Can Sleep In!

Kittyteef: Haha! Totally!

Mirandala: Old Navy: Clothes You Can’t Wear Out of the House!

Kittyteef: Old Navy is like the Garbage Pail Kids version of The Gap.

Mirandala: Old Navy: When Burlap Is Too Fancy!

Kittyteef: Old Navy: When You’ve Run Out of Curtains!

Mirandala: Sigh. I need new pants.

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