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Shark jumped so long ago…onto tiger jumping.

Haha! Synopsis of this week’s Law & Order SVU episode by Forum Poster Francie Nolan on the TWOP Boards:

“Pretty blonde wannabe model (who has a twin!) sidelining as an animal smuggler and tiger maulings and evil Russian dude who eats the tiger and shitty rappers getting devoured by hyenas (except for his Bling!) and a take no shit tough chick from the Fish and Game Department and monkeys hidden in basketballs to be sold for ONE MIIIIILION DOLLAAAAARS (cue the Dr. Evil voice) and made into chop sticks and I can’t…it’s too much…the complete steaming pile of crap that was this episode caused me to do a simultaneous *head desk/facepalm* combo move that might have done serious damage.

I’m convinced the writers are now just using Mad Libs to come up with the scripts. “

So true, so true…Oh, Liv…

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