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You tell ’em, Hill.

I voted for Hillary in the Illinois primary. I believe in most of her campaign positions and I believe that she will work to achieve them no matter what position she holds. I believe that she believes.

I also believe that she had to put up with a lot of crap from pundits and media and spinmeisters that wasn’t fair. I also believe that there was a strange, subtle misogyny in some parts of the Obama campaign (more towards the bottom than the top, perhaps). I believe that people criticized her for being a political animal – when (hello?) no one – No One – gets to be even vaguely close to President without being a serious political creature (and if you believe that David Axelrod doesn’t fight just as dirty as Mark Penn, you’re not paying attention). I also believe that her campaign was historic. Just as historic as Barack Obama’s campaign. And I believe that the media and the Obama campaign brushed that off. Which is also a brush off to the idea that we still need a women’s rights movement. We do, people.

I also believe that Barack Obama would be a great president. I believe in most of his campaign positions. I believe that he’ll work hard to achieve his campaign goals. And I’ll vote for him in November. That’s not a belief – that’s a promise.

I have yet to see a perfect Presidential candidate. And, as a liberal Democrat, I often feel that, once the primaries are over, I no longer have any real choices to make – because there’s No Way I’m ever voting for a Republican. But. I’ll believe in the Obama campaign just as I believed in the Clinton campaign. Inspiration in politics is rare – and we’ve had a double chance at it this year.

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