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4th Almost-Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt!

Originally uploaded by Mirandala

It’s in the bag. Put a rainbow-tinted fork in this year’s Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt. The competition was fierce and fun and the judges salute all the participants for their energy and creativity! However, in the words of the Highlander, “in the end, there can be only one!!!”

Er, except for this year, when there is a fabulous TIE!

Coming in at an impressive 62 points each were Team Pigger-Upper (Collene, Anne, and Kate) and Team Cougar (Linda and Renee)! Congratulations, ladies!

Honorable Mentions must also go to TheTodd’s Team, Team High Noon, and Team Laura/Susie (who submitted many of their items in amazing video form.

Many thanks to all of this year’s participating teams for making this a Pride Weekend for the ages. We hope you had as much fun as we did! xxoo – the Judges

A representative collection of photos from this weekend’s festivities can be found here. Remember – click on "All Sizes" to see a larger version of any picture.

Past Scavenger Hunt Photos are here and here and here.

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