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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

Doomsday seed vault

Preparing for the Revolution

Jimmy Kimmel is F**king Ben Affleck

hahahaha. PNSFW.

Ice Chewers Bulletin Board

No, seriously – Ice chewing

Munchable Ice

Compulsive ice-chewers

My current political thoughts

I like Hillary, but I find her consistently disappointing. I almost-like Obama, but I find him consistently annoying. The end. P.S. Dennis, my hobbitous friend, I miss you. I miss you, too, Pretty John. P.P.S. Governor Moonbeam, I miss you most of all…

Knitted Gas Mask Hat

My next knitting project?

Yan can (still) cook

Yan can still cook

Stairs Bookcase

Also super cool

super cool

Super cool

Gov’ment Mule

Gov’t Mule