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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

EveryBlock Chicago

EveryBlock Chicago: A news feed for your block Hey – this actually has interesting and useful information! Business reviews, lost and found, street closings, crime data, business licenses, news, restaurant inspections… Most excellent new bookmark.

Typhoon in Santa Monica

Just not right. (waterbugs. scorpions. crickets. oh my.)

New Match Game

Good news for Courtney!

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Runway Cashmere Tunic Dress (Wait, he’s *judging* Project Runway?)

Gun Egg Fryer

KP’s next breakfast?

Pathetic Losers

Your next boyfriend?

Slow Cooker Chili

The Cooker That Is Slow (mmm…chili)

Tony Bourdain

Tony is my cranky hero.

Twenty Sided

Twenty Sided (ok, that really *is* geeky)

Obama Says It Was a Turn

Turn vs. Snub (Is this seriously what we’re talking about now?)