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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007


I long to knit something out of Shrimp.


Speechless. It’s hair on a wire. Hair. On. A. Wire. Want to really mess with your mind? Check this out.

Avast, mateys

It be Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yaaarrr!

See Dee?

The CD has been around since 1982. Of course, I don’t know anyone who actually had a CD player in 1982, do you? I only knew one person in college who had a CD player (Tracy, I’m looking at you) – and, actually, I only remember CDs even being available for sale in stores around […]

Bad Vegans

I figured out what I ate the other day that decided to stage a murder attack from the inside…a no-sugar, vegan cookie from Whole Foods. What?! How is this possible? What is even inside a no-sugar, vegan cookie? Aren’t they just made from balsa wood and eco-friendly, sustainable thoughts?! How is this possible?!! Vegan cookies, […]


Hey! Check it out. I broke my first board at karate last night. With my elbow. Woot! Why was I breaking boards with my elbow? Because I’m practicing tameshiwari for the Thousand Waves Spirit Challenge. What is the Spirit Challenge, you ask? It’s a fundraiser that helps the Thousand Waves Seido karate dojo continue its […]