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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

To Whomever broke the driver’s side mirror off the car on Friday

You owe me $360. Asshole. – Mirandala

I hab a code.

Which sux. Now I sound like an LOLCat. Oh hai. In other news, yesterday CW and I went out on the back porch and found that the crook of the tree next door had been invaded by a sleepy woodland creature. We stared at it for several minutes and willed it to wake up, but […]

Give a little bit.

I got notice today that $109.00 has been paid on the loan taken out by Tienda Voluntad de Dios. I got notice because I’m one of the people who loaned money to Tienda Voluntad de Dios. In turn, Tienda Voluntad de Dios loaned money to Teresa Mory, a small businesswoman who runs a grocery store […]

In like a Lyon*

Welcome to my new nephew, Lyon**! Born this morning at 4:18am – 8lbs, 3oz. Woot! Congratulations to Jesse and Vanessa! Can’t wait to meet him! Once again…woot! New nephews qualify for double woots… * Had to be done. ** Pronounced like “lion.”

Update: Day Somethingorother

Just a quick update to say that all is well on the Bad Carbs Be Gone plan. I’d say that we are successful at banishing 80-90% of the bad carbs that we were eating just a few weeks ago. Maybe we will even take the toaster oven off the counter (yay more counter space!!) in […]