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{ Monthly Archives } July 2007

Ah, Pierogi Fest

Mr. Pierogi and friends Whiting, Indiana. Home of Pierogi Fest. Let me tell you – they take their pierogis seriously there. The festival itself was fun – so much to take in! So many photo opportunities! Alas, the only pierogis we tasted were, for want of a better descriptor, vile. So vile that I only […]


This is it! Your last chance to see One Flight Up in its original configuration! That’s right – it’s the last gig for Jess before she heads off to Philly to become a rabbi. We’ll miss her a lot – so we’ll be letting loose in her honor this Wednesday the 25th at Subterranean. Come […]

Days Five – Seven

Not that bad – plus, we have those 2-3 allowed “cheats” per week. So I used one on the yummy polenta underneath my tasty scallops at Jack’s on Friday night. We were pretty good on Saturday, including dinner at the fabulous, low-carb, bbq-fest that is San Soo Gab San. Sunday…well, I only ate about 1/3 […]

Day Four

Delicious salad! A delicious salad with edamame, mandarin oranges, and orange-soy marinated tofu. Fabu!

Day Three

Well, I don’t know if CW snapped a picture or not, but we had delicious marinated grilled chicken, with steamed broccoli and a cucumber & onion salad. Fabuloso!

It’s the blood sugar, stupid.

Why are we doing this whole Bad Carb Be Gone experiment? Well, to lose weight, of course. We’ve reached critical mass – and I don’t mean participation in bicycle activism. No, a desk job, a love of the good life, and a tendency toward boredom at the gym – it all adds up to extra […]

Day Two

Grilled salmon in a lemon-dill-Dijon marinade, served on a bed of grilled asparagus and warm greens. Yes, I know. I really do watch too many cooking shows.

Day One

We have survived Day One. With flair, even! As you can see by the photo above, our newly-purchased grill pan has been put to good use – grilling up delicious and healthy shrimp in a homemade citrus-chili marinade. Delicious! Add fresh artichokes, grilled zucchini, and mushrooms (from this weekend’s trip to the farmers market), and […]

Bye bye carbs, I’ll see ya later…

And so tomorrow begins the great Bad Carbs Be Gone experiment of 2007. Off the list: bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Except for 2-3 times/items per week (to preserve some sanity). On the list – more and more veggies, fruit, and legumes. Have I ever mentioned how I don’t really like the word “legumes?” I […]

I am not buying an iPhone.

At least not anytime soon. We’ll see what the second gen looks like. Also, I don’t want to switch to AT&T. And who needs to listen to music on a phone anyway? Still, I’m a little jealous of the new gadget honeymoon period…