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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

Lunch Cents

Well, since we went pescetarian, there aren’t really that many lunch options in the corporate habitrail anyway… clipped from Frugal Lunch by Clever Dudette 27Feb07 So to calculate the comparison costs, let�s ignore that you may work from home some days, or don�t work all 52 weeks each year: Cost of eating out (average […]

My statement for today.

Heroes of Hair

So, Kittyteef and I are big fans of the TV show, “Heroes.” It is doing its level best to fill the aching, Buffy/Angel-sized hole in my TV-watching heart, and I appreciate that. Have you seen this show? It is excellent. Also, one of the stars is Mr. Natalie Maines. Anyway, Kittyteef and I were chatting […]


In my office today it is freezing. Yesterday in my office it was a double-boiler. Today, ice cube tray. I feel that we should be allowed to leave early so that frostbite can be avoided. If I get frostbite, I won’t be able to type. And then I won’t be able to write all the […]

Mark your calendars

One Flight Up has a gig! Come see us at the Beat Kitchen on March 1st. We’ll be sharing the lineup with some excellent ensembles from the Old Town School. Come on out and we’ll have a blast! Thursday, March 1st ONE FLIGHT UP INDIGO GIRLS ENSEMBLE HONKY TONK ANGELS WOMEN’S ACCOUSTIC ENSEMBLE Doors @ […]

Poor Bears

Sad bear Originally uploaded by Timmy Toucan. Maybe next year?

Go Bears!!

That is all.

Mary Cheney: evil? Or really evil?

Mary Cheney is pregnant Dan Savage defends Mary’s right to have a child. Mary Cheney defends her right to have a child. Dan Savage rips Mary a new one