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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

Mostly Pescetarian

CW and I have decided to go mostly-pescetarian. So, except for the stuff that’s already in the freezer, we are going to attempt a vegetarian-except-for-seafood diet. Pescetarian. Which is an idiotic name. But better than being a JoePesci-tarian. Anyway – it’s an experiment and we’ll see how long we can keep it up. Maybe we’ll […]

New Engine for the Blog

Whew. Just updated the blog’s operating system (otherwise known as WordPress) – to WordPress 2.1, the Ella release. Always feel a bit nervous when I’m working under the hood like that, since I know just enough about this blog thing to be dangerous. So far, all looks to be ok. I’ll be keeping my fingers […]

Furries at home

The other night I dreamed I was raking up kitty fur from the wall to wall carpeting, resulting in a giant, vibrant mountain of said fur. The object was to cover the back yard with the collected fur so that the squirrels would have a soft place to rest. I think it might be time […]

Ashore, mateys.

We have returned at last from the marathon family vay-cay, otherwise known as the Mexican Riviera cruise. A good time was had by all and a lot of food was had by all. Photos are here. P.S. Although, I should mention that, as we waited on board for the ship to set sail, the music […]