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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006

Does it get any better?

Jack-o-Lanterns made of meat.


My new “special little lady friend.”


Can you take *this* in your carryon luggage? 85 tools, people. 85. See a list after the jump…

Runnin’ to the End of the Earth!

Congratulations to Courtney on finishing her fourth Chicago Marathon today – with a personal best time of 4:52. Anassa kata!! Photos are here.

Good Morning!

On my way home from work this evening I happened to notice a rather large, bus side advertisement for Good Morning America. It was a photo of the GMA team from the waist up in a happy smiling line of joy. They each have their arms draped across the adjacent anchors shoulders. That is, except […]

Big Time

Wow. Over in the comments section of 10 Reasons Why I Hate the L Word we seem to be attracting a small amount of crazy. If random people are wishing death on me through the blog, does that mean we’ve finally hit the big time? I don’t know whether I should be flattered or whether […]

Heh. Cool…

Starting yesterday, you can now check out the sidebar and occasionally you’ll see a link to what we were blogging FOUR years ago…heh. cool.

Ten things I learned at the “Kitty Car”

So, not too long ago I visited a suburban (rhymes with) Kitty Car, for the first time ever. Here are a few things I learned: 1. Although 23 is my lucky number, 23-year-olds lead to nothing but trouble (again). 2. If a home makeover program with a limited budget comes to re-decorate my home I […]