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{ Monthly Archives } September 2006

The Velvet Rule

Here’s the thing, people. If I see any of you wearing a velvet vest this Fall – especially over a weird, badly proportioned v-neck T-shirt – well, let’s just say that you and I will be due for a reckoning. Our relationship may never be the same. Counseling might not save us. Do not wear […]

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone?

I did not realize I had a bus girlfriend until this morning. I was doing my usual semi-concious stare out the window on the eastbound leg of my commute when I felt my heart jump into my throat. The bus had just finished loading and the driver was waiting for the light to change when […]


Color us excited! (in a should-be-ashamed-but-have-decided-not-to-be-ashamed-cuz- this-show-is-totally-awesome way) UPDATE: The show was awesome! Totally satisfying. We are happy SYTYCD viewers today – although we are also deafer from the endless screaming of 12-year-old girls. And we are weirded out by the fact that the front row of the theater was filled with 45-year-old mom-types. Also, […]

Avast, ye scurvey dogs

Angie just alerted us that today is, in fact, Talk Like a Pirate day. In honor of such, I have turned on our automatic pirate-ing plugin for the blog. Ye be warned.

Home Again

We’re back! Happy to see the kitties and our friends again, but sad to leave Vacation Land and the coast of New England. Had a great time, went to P-town, Martha’s Vineyard, Providence, Portland, Bar Harbor, and back to Cape Cod for Karen’s wedding. The wedding itself was great. Super fun – and excellent to […]

I’m Feeling Grateful, For the Small Things Today

Flashback to Thursday. Perhaps it was the return of sunshine after a few dreary days of rain or my magical ride on the bus of stylish butch girls but I started Thursday off with a big smile on my face. I was still smiling as I got off the bus (only a half hour late […]


After a series of unfortunate “incidents” I feel it may once again be time for my t.v. to go bye-bye for a while. First, some history, a few years ago I went cold turkey for an entire year without the benefit/distraction of television. Then, my brother gave me a t.v. for Christmas, I made it […]

My bags are packed. . .

So, as I am preparing to get out of town on an actual vacation for a few days and totally bored and useless at work today I found myself perusing the TSA website for the latest and greatest list of what you can and can’t take on an airplane. While I am deeply saddened and […]

OFU Rawks the Red Line Tap this Weekend

Join us this Labor Day weekend as we rawk the house at the Red Line Tap in Rogers Park. OFU will start the fun at 9pm – and after our set, stick around for a great line-up of local singer-songwriters! Red Line Tap One Flight Up Kate Myers Julie Lloyd – CD Release Micki & […]