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{ Monthly Archives } August 2006

File under, WTF!

Disclaimer: I had a few cocktails this afternoon. So, I am sitting here watching some freak-ass show on TLC and once again, the Bionic Woman is onscreen pimping the sleep number bed. Seriously, WTF, Lindsay Wagner, didn’t you make enough money as TV’s bionic woman, who IMHO was totally hott, to avoid having to sell […]

I’m Baaaacccck!

Clearly Mirandala has had a temporary loss of sanity as she has restored my blogging privileges. Even after I told her the story of last night’s visit to the (rhymes with) Kitty Car. So y’all can look forward to my rambling insanity on topics ranging from White Castle’s new flavored Chicken Rings, triathlon training as […]

3 Foot Hair Lady

UPDATE!!!! Collene over at Wordsmifs has managed to capture a shot of Three Foot Hair Lady!! Brilliant photo-sleuthing, CW!! Click here for the photo.

OFU Rawks Lincoln Square

You may remember our stupendous win at the Lincoln Square Idol competition this Spring. Well – it’s finally time for our prize performance! Whoo hoo! Come see us this Thursday! Lincoln Square Summer Concert Series Thursday, August 10th at Giddings Plaza (on N. Lincoln Ave. next to Cafe Selmarie) 7 pm: Soul Ensemble 8 pm: […]

Cast of Characters

A recent e-mail exchange with Betsy and Collene has me thinking about some of the characters in my office complex. I’ve been in the same office for about four (eek!) years now, so I can’t help but recognize the people who pass through regularly. Although I don’t often see the woman Collene recognizes as Plastic […]

One of the coolest things we’ve seen all year

Jeff Han’s Touch-Driven Computer Screen. Seriously. This is totally the future.