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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

Congratulations, Betsy!

Next, in Things You Should Already Know

CNN reminds us “Don’t let food get all up in your grill.” Thanks, CNN. What would We-Who-Are-All-With-the-Bling do without you?

Shrimp Salad with Secret Asian Dressing

On Friday I went down to Cosi for lunch. I had the Shrimp Salad Chinoise, which was my first mistake. People, I do not need the dressing on my salad to taste like the coating on a candied apple. It renders said salad inedible. Anyway, so I went to pay for my salad and was […]

And the Winner is…

Okay, you can stop refreshing your screen…we are here to announce the winners of the Third Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt!!! The judges were impressed and quite often amused with the submissions by the four teams. Congratulations to all who participated!! We wish we could make you all winners, but there can be only one […]


So, a while ago I got a message from the people at Schmap saying that they were picking a bunch of my photos from our Philly trip to include in Schmap’s guide to Philadelphia. Color me a) confused; and b) flattered. Anyway – Schmap is actually a nifty little widget-y thing that offers downloadable city […]