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{ Monthly Archives } June 2006

Someone stole my shirt.

Dude. That is so not cool.

Scavenger Hunt: Days Two and Three

All is well and the scavenger hunt teams have been hard at work! All item hunting must end tomorrow morning at 9am – and then participants must submit their photos and other items to the judges. After that, the judges will begin the hard work of evaluating the contestants’ scavenger hunt entries and calculating point […]

Day One of the Scavenger Hunt: No More Marty’s

Things we have learned already after Day 1 of Scavenger Hunt 2006: The guys at Marty’s 1) have no sense of humor; and 2) are really, really rude. Item 57 on the Scavenger Hunt list: Get a martini named for you at Marty’s Does this mean that they have to actually name a martini for […]

The Hunt is Up

Bwahaha! Even now, the staff of is putting the final touches on the list for the Third Annual Pride Weekend Scavenger Hunt! Bwaahahahaha! The potential field of competitors is fierce and the desire for victory is great. But who will rise to the top? Who will crush the hopes and dreams of all other […]

The Gym and Me: We Come Together Cuz Opposites Attract

I love summer/I hate summer. Oh, how delightful it is when the warm breezes blow, the BBQ grill is fired up, and the frosty beverages flow freely. To excerpt unfairly from Peter, Paul & Mary, “Ocean breeze, rum on ice, lazy days and party nights/Here I am in paradise…/Golden sun, silver sand, careless touch of […]

Spam and Eggs

Announcement: If you have commented in the past couple of weeks and your comment hasn’t shown up, it may be because it has been caught in the blog spam filter and I have just deleted it. Why? Because the blog has been slammed recently by spammers – to the tune of 500+ spam comments per […]

For Your Inner Luppie.

Luppie. I thought it was a parody, but apparently it’s not. Jane and Jane, “Home & Family Magazine for Lesbian Lifestyles.” According to their “About Us” page, Jane & Jane offers the following: Jane & JaneĀ™ is about culinary creations, discovering fine wines, investing in your future, planning your next family vacation and how to […]

Anonymous Law Firm

Anonymous Law Firm Funny. 1) Because it’s true; and 2) Because I no longer work at one. Bwahaha.