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{ Monthly Archives } May 2006

Honey, We’re Killing the Cats!

Ok – so, CW and I watch this show on TLC called “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids!” The premise of the show is that Dr. Lisa, a registered dietician and medical nutritionist, helps one family with overweight children to change their unhealthy ways. We find this show to be particularly enjoyable during a dinner of […]

I Am Alone in a Hotel Room Tonight…

Okay, so I have used this title (or a slight variation) before… Two unfortunate things have happened during my travels the last couple of weeks. 1. When flying from San Jose, California Eastbound last week, I forgot to bring any reading materials. I thought I’d just enjoy the free movie. It was ‘Big Momma’s House […]

Make the Mackerel

Also this weekend, Collene, LD, KP and I embarked on the Great Make the Mackerel challenge. Inspired by Wendy, we braved the culinary frontier and Made the Mackerel. Photos are here.