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{ Monthly Archives } April 2006

Smile for the birdie

Scenes from this weekend’s One Flight Up photo shoot. Enjoy.

Seen ’em?

Is this a meme yet? Roger Ebert claims that you really need to have seen these 102 films before you can have an informed discussion about movies. I’m listing them below. The ones I’ve seen are starred (for a total of 51). How many have you seen? * 2001: A Space Odyssey The 400 Blows […]

Ice cream alert

Free Cone Day at participating Ben & Jerry’s stores. Noon to 8pm.

Don’t Touch Me There

Did you know that Reba McEntire recorded a song called “Don’t Touch Me There?” She did. I was not aware of this. A questionable song title, in my opinion, but who am I to question The Reba? Lyrics below. These hands You can hold them all night if you want to And these lips Won’t […]

What Would We Do, Baby, Without Us?

Prompted by a conversation from last night – and a recent post on Wordsmifs – I now posit my Friday Theory (aka the Theory Formerly Known as the Why-Do-We-Even-Have-to-Work-on-Friday? Theory): Theme Songs from ’80s TV shows are better than most pop songs today. They’re catchier, they’re shorter, and you can still remember them decades later. […]

Come to My Window

It is Spring. Birds sing, trees and flowers bloom, and the KittyDoorTM (read window opening onto back porch) is back in business. Unfortunately, the humans do not always remember to open the KittyDoorTM, thus leading to KittyPanicTM.

Happy Easter!

We know that some of you out there love meerkats. As an Easter treat, here is a picture of a meerkat with something from his Easter basket. Here’s hoping your Easter eggs weren’t filled with meal worms… Worm-filled fun A meerkat reaches for an Easter egg containing meal worms at the London Zoo on Thursday. […]

I’ve got four questions for ya…

1) WTF? 2) WTF? 3) WTF? 4) WTF? From the seller’s website: Ages 3 & up Keeps the kids entertained during Passover. This plush yellow plagues bag contains representations for all of the plagues (not necessarily in the correct order): * A spooky eyed drop of blood * A Frog for frogsĀ—of course * A […]

Who says turtles are slow?

Wanted to give a shout-out to the women’s basketball team from Maryland—the Terps are the new NCAA Champions!! Although the Women’s NCAA Tournament doesn’t get the attention the men’s program does, their championship game was much more exciting than the Florida/UCLA men’s final on Monday night. There shouldn’t be a championship game or series without […]

Read This.

Just a tech/geek note. We are giving a shout out this week to Google Reader (you’ll need a google/gmail account to use this), the latest in the RSS feed reader utilities available for your browsing pleasure. Google Reader has a nice, easy-to-use interface and a great, dynamic preview pane. Load it up with all of […]