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{ Monthly Archives } January 2006

Be-dazzled Be-gone

It was only a matter of time: Hall splits from Sugarland. (photos by Jarrod Vrazel : On the left: Kristen Hall is barely lit and halfway hidden at the side of the stage. On the right: Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush in the spotlight. Kristen Hall nowhere to be seen. Poor Kristen Hall. She […]


Friday. Before a holiday weekend. Clearly time to do some Wikipedia research. Wikipedia has everything, you know. Seriously. Everything. Here are some links to some quality research. Die Smurfen. Blind Pigs. Brynmawr in Blaenau Gwent, Wales. Wontons. Luminol. Lacrosse. Turkish Delight. Tibetan Terriers (the best dogs EVER). York, PA. Benzedrex.

Used to work the pole…

Google to launch online video download service. Online video store will sell content from CBS (CSI!!) and NBA. “CBS plans to offer three current programs, including “Crime Scene Investigation,” for rental a day after they originally air, priced at $1.99.” Is there anything that Google won’t do? I would like Google to come over and […]