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{ Monthly Archives } December 2005

Who are you?

My Heritage is an intriguing genealogy website (still in beta) that features a face-recognition system. The system is still being developed, but the part of the site that’s live right now takes photos you upload and attempts to match them to photos in a database of 2,400 celebrities. It’s an interesting experiment, but judging from […]


The “fortune” I just received at lunch reads: “The weather is wonderful.” In the words of a certain U.S. Park Service tour guide, “UNACCEPTABLE!” This is not a fortune. This is a statement. Furthermore, a quick glance at the thermometer and out the window confirms that this is not even a true statement. It is […]

Backpack It!

So, I use Backpack. May I suggest that you check it out, too? It’s a handy-dandy little web-based way to organize your life. I use it to keep lists and notes on holiday presents, movies I want to see, sites I want to remember to visit, grocery lists, wines I want to try, books I […]

Club Kids

Why must the children who live downstairs blast on their stereo what can only be described as the House Mix from the Mickey Mouse Club: Ibiza? Also, six-year-old boys should not be allowed to play the Macarena over and over and over before bedtime. sigh.