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{ Monthly Archives } November 2005

Now you taken my shrimps, baby, you know you turned me down

I am not anti-shrimp. I am pro-shrimp. I am pro-prawn. I am especially pro-shrimp-with-cocktail-sauce, but that’s for another post… I am also not anti-Muppet. I am decidedly pro-Muppet. In fact, if I thought that endless picketing would make The Powers That Be rebroadcast all of the original Muppet Show episodes, I’d go make a sign […]

Baby, it’s cold inside.

I am now wearing mittens as I type. You’d think that someone would care that my office is at sub-zero temperatures! It’s actually a very zen-like exercise to type while wearing mittens. If you think too much about it, your words come out like a cryptogram. And if you try to type by watching your […]

More ways to {heart} TiVo

Now you can record things on TiVo through Yahoo‘s TV listings. Cool!

People from Kansas – Not so intelligently designed…

Kansas votes in intelligent design. Randi Rhodes on Kansas And in a surprise move, my home state of PA votes out the intelligent design idgits on the Dover school board. All we are is dust in the wind…

It’s about time.

A good day for Democrats Schwarzenegger Dealt Stinging Rebuke


Back from our jaunt to Philly. Photos are here and here.

A cup of coffee and my bags are packed

We’re leaving! On a quick vacation from the stress and strife. Back next week with pictures and pretzels. Take care of yourself while we’re gone!

How to Procrastinate, Part Eighty-Four

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