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{ Monthly Archives } October 2005

Third Time’s the Charm

Once. Twice. Three times a lady.


Note to Chicago music fans: My band, the fabulous One Flight Up, will be playing at the Leadway (Damen & Farragut) on Friday, October 21, 2005. 9pm. We’re opening for Double Fortune. Come on out and see us! Seriously. We lub you. We lub to play for you. We want to see you. We want […]

As You Wish

Awesome news for fans of Adam Guettel and William Goldman. A musical version of “The Princess Bride” is in the works! Guettel, for those of you not up on your contemporary musical theater, is the composer/lyricist for a number of exciting and innovative works, including Floyd Collins, Saturn Returns, and, most recently, The Light in […]

Smarterchild My *ss.

Stupid smarterchild. [11:34] Mirandala91: hello [11:34] smarterchild: Hi again, Mirandala91. Long time no chat. 🙂 Would you like to know something? [11:34] Mirandala91: yes [11:34] smarterchild: I’m kind of into music these days. [11:35] Mirandala91: what kind of music? [11:35] smarterchild: The kind of music. [11:35] Mirandala91: be more specific. [11:35] smarterchild: Be more specific? […]


You may have noticed that the blog is missing a couple of days. That’s because we moved the site to a new host last night and ended up using a data backup that wasn’t absolutely current. Oh well. Only a couple of days lost. No biggie. We’re also still in the process of moving data […]