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{ Monthly Archives } April 2005

Sunny Day

Beth Stroud reinstated Good news to report – Beth Stroud (or as she’s known in the media, the “lesbian pastor”) has been reinstated. The United Methodist Church panel reviewing her appeal found that her defrocking must be nullified because several key terms under which she was disciplined have never been adequately defined by the proper […]


Photos are here.

Can we call from the mountain to the valley below

It’s that time of year again, folks. Time for the Indigo Girls Ensemble of the Old Town School of Folk Music to rawk the house. So come on down tonight and join us. It’ll be a good time for all. When: Wednesday, April 20, 2004, 8:30pm Where: The Beat Kitchen Hope to see ya there, […]

Dworkin Departed

So, the barely-reported news is that Andrea Dworkin died this past weekend at age 58. Love her or hate her (and those were almost your only choices), Dworkin was important. She was important because she refused to back down and she refused to talk about nice things. She’s perhaps best known for her opinions on […]

Holding Pattern

We are in a holding pattern right now due to work overload and moving chaos. But we’ll be back! Dammit!

Baby Got Back

Just heard on WBEZ: “I thought you said you went to the gym six times a week.” “Girl, I should go to the gym twelve times a week! Mama got junk in the trunk!” Oh how I hate the fund drive…