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{ Monthly Archives } March 2005

Driver Education

Just a few photos from yesterday’s whirlwind trip to St. Louis to see the Indigo Girls at the Pageant. Great show as always, y’all.

Pimp My Cats’ Ride

My cats have one sweeeeet ride now. Your cats are jealous.

Yahoo. Always Yahoo.

First Oddpost. Now Flickr. Is there any part of my on-line life that Yahoo isn’t going to acquire? Sigh.

Strike Queens

Photos from this weekend’s bowling extravaganza. Click here.

At Your Service

Howdy! It’s Collene, your friendly neighborhood blog hijacker. I have somehow been granted the great honor of guest blogging for our beloved Courtney and Miranda. And Judas Priest, has it instilled the fear of god in me. So basically, I?m here to lend some moral support in these final days of winter, and to remind […]


Hey! So, I was watching TV the other night (or, should I say TiVo). What was I watching? Ok, I admit it – I was watching “GI Jane,” starring the very buff, very bald, very pre-Ashton Demi Moore. Damn, I love that movie. Especially with Aragorn at the end…anyway, in the middle of the picture […]

Who’s the Boss?

In honor of Friday, we present a few time-wasters that might help you make it to the weekend: 1) As noted by LD a while ago, this on-line 20-questions style game attempts to guess what dictator or sitcom star is on your mind. (I stumped it twice with 1) Diana Cassidy from “I’m a Big […]

In Like a Lion

Happy March! Random facts about March from the Wikipedia: March begins with the sun in the sign of Pisces and ends in the sign of Aries. March is named for Mars, the Roman god of war. March was originally the first month of the Roman calendar. Julius Caesar’s calendar reform in 45 BCE began the […]