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{ Monthly Archives } October 2004

Now There’s Nothing Like the Sound of Good Bye

I know the common wisdom is that entertainers should keep their political opinions to themselves. Remember the trouble the Dixie Chicks got into over some ill-chosen words in London last year? Hell hath no fury like a Toby Keith fan scorned… Not to mention the ridicule Sean Penn received for his one-man humanitarian tour of […]

It’s Okay to Wonder Why But Don’t Expect to Understand Your Life

Great show on Friday at the Double Door by K’s Choice. It’s been a while since K’s Choice has toured the States – they’re doing a quick run now as part of the Yellow Umbrella Tour (raising money to help fight cervical cancer). Opening acts: Jen Foster, who’s really really great, and Skills of Ortega […]

Go Sox!! Er, RED Sox!!

UPDATE: I’m only an occasional baseball fan. And when I do follow the game – it’s mostly for the Os. So, why do I give a hoot about this year’s ALCS thing? What makes me care about Boston? I’ve never even been to Boston. Four words: I hate the Yankees. Overpaid, arrogant, spotlight-hogging SOBs. So, […]

I Would Be Foolish to Think That I Could Turn It Off and Stay Alive

2003: 2 shows. 2004: 8 shows. 2005: ??? Last night’s show at the Pabst Theater – awesome. Way better than Saturday night’s show in Joliet (mostly because of the audience energy level). Highlights include: Playing the ‘Would You Rather’ game in the car. 7th show of the year w/ Spike. Girlyman! The Girlyman blessing. Nate’s […]

Ice Ice Baby

Nice warm pajamas – $60. Wooly blankets – $120. Sleeping bag – $180. Fleece hat – $15. 30°F temperature inside the house – Free. Being able to re-create the feeling of sleeping outside at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival – but without the incessant drumming – priceless!

Damn Yankees (or, c’mon, Red Sox, you are our only hope…)

I am been rooting for the Red Sox throughout the ALCS. With the addition of the Wild Card team in the playoffs, the Red Sox and Yankees again have the opportunity to play one another in the pennant race. I believe that the Wild Card concept is fair, as the American League East has been […]


Here is one of two giant panda cubs born western China. Kelly sent me the link to the picture and I thought it was cute enough to share with the blogging community. Enjoy the weekend.

Oh Baby You’ll Freeze [in] There

Mrs. Madrigal’s furnace is broken. She paid some unnamed “furnace man” to put in a new furnace, which he did. But it’s the wrong size. And he turned off the gas when he was at the house and never turned it back on – thus leaving us with no hot water for a few days. […]

Hold on to Nothing as Fast as You Can – Well Still a Pretty Good Year

We interrupt your surfing for a brief moment to celebrate (belatedly) the 3 year anniversary of The blog has existed, in one form or another, for more than 3 years, but the anniversary of the domain name and the current format is October 10th. Today, however, marks a happy geeky moment for the staff […]

Go! Go! Go!

Click here to view photos from yesterday’s Chicago Marathon (be sure to mouse over the photos for notes). [Indigo Girls lyrics = 73]