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{ Monthly Archives } September 2004

The Choice Is Yours If You Can Find Something Better

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure stories? Oh, how I loved those. True, the stories were never very good and the writing was never very interesting, but the fact that you could change the story almost endlessly just by turning to a different page each time – well, that was captivating. I can’t remember how […]

Just Ask Yourself This, Girl, Who Are You Pleasin?

Too good to be true? Could the Illinois Senate race get any weirder/stupider? You be the judge. [Northern State lyrics = 1]

The Way Back Machine

Like everything else in the technological arena, the internet is a constantly and quickly evolving medium. You don’t necessarily notice the changes from day to day, but there’s always a new link, a new plugin which helps one to search, download and utilize the vast amount of information which is posted on the web. So, […]

I Could Go Crazy on a Night Like Tonight When Summer’s Beginning to Give Up Her Fight

OK. I’m ready for Fall now. Yeah, yeah, it’s nice outside. Last days of Summer and all. And since we never had much of a summer this year these days are particularly sweet…blah blah blah. Whatever, people. Let’s get on with Fall, shall we? Enough with stupid, showy, sweaty Summer; I’m a Fall Girl.* “But […]

Father of the Pride

Now I was catching up on a little TiVo last night and watched Maria Shriver’s exclusive interview with Siegfried & Roy, Masters of the Impossible (acronym=SOMATI). This was broadcast on Wednesday night, Roy’s 60th birthday and the first anniversary of the ‘attack’ by Montecore. Most shocking relvelation: Roy believes because of his existing high blood […]

Back in the Saddle Again

And thus I return to the blogging world (and the land of the living) after a self-imposed hiatus dictated by vacations and running, followed by a hiatus dictated by two weeks of tonsilitis and strep and some degree of cabin fever. If anyone needs any advice on what cold/allergy/throat products to buy -or not buy- […]

On This Haunted Ground I Was Lost and Found

And now, a scene from the never-ending Cinema of the Absurd that is my house. FADE IN: INT. FOYER OF MRS. MADRIGAL’S HOUSE. LAST NIGHT. The doorbell is ringing. A YOUNG WOMAN stands on the doorstep clutching a small dog. I open the door. YOUNG WOMAN Is this your dog? I found it running around […]

Grr. Aaargh.

Dear Over-Cologned Man in the Elevator Today: When you get into the elevator after I do and realize, by the very act of pushing the button for your floor, that you will be exiting the elevator, that’s right, AFTER I will, it would make sense for you to move to the back or the side […]

I Been Tryin’ to Enjoy All the Fruits of My Labor I Been Cryin’ for You Boy but Truth is My Savior

And now, a poem: I have done no labor on this Labor Day. I slept, I lounged, I fed the cats, and poked them where they lay. I tried to read. I tried to clean. I failed at every task. How sloth-like was my schedule? I’m shocked you need to ask. At first it was […]

It’s the Remix to Ignition, Fresh and Hot Out the Kitchen

I am a good DJ. By which I mean that I am a good DJ as long as I’m in the car. I learned to car-DJ when I was in high school, riding around in the passenger seat of my friend Karen’s yellow Ford Escort (the “Bananamobile”). Her car stereo didn’t really work – or […]