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{ Monthly Archives } June 2004

A Handful of Glitter. Check.

UPDATE: The staff of has been working tirelessly tabulating the results of The Scavenger Hunt. We appreciate your patience. Perhaps 88 categories was too much, but it sure made it more interesting. We are in the process of finishing the montage of the best of the best for each category—this will contain submissions from […]

Photograph – I don’t need your photograph, all I’ve got is a photograph…but it’s not enough…

Okay…whew…quite a weekend…the photo to the left shows Jen getting a point for riding on the back of ‘Dykes on Bikes’ bike…Jen gets extra points for the background in this shot…as she noted, ‘Who brings their U-Haul to the Dyke March? A good planner, that’s who!!!’ Click here for some photos from the weekend. And […]

Three nights of goin’ non-stop, no work and all play, I don’t have to be me ’til Monday…

This weekend exceeded my expectations of fun—and they were already pretty high. I’ve downloaded my pictures and am preparing them for the blogxiliary, replete with colorful commentary on the scenes…we’ll also be posting choice shots from participants in The Scavenger Hunt soon…but wanted to throw a couple up on the blog before I go and […]

Burn All the Letters

Drama in the blogging world is infrequent, but when it happens, it really cooks. Not surprisingly, by the way. After all, when you have a favorite blog, you check it regularly – maybe every day, maybe even a couple times a day. You become emotionally invested at some point – and that’s all the more […]

The All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club Tournament

I think it’s always easy to let the first week of Wimbledon come and go without completely realizing it’s on—in my mind, it’s sometimes only hits me near July 4th and it’s Pam Shriver’s birthday (Martina’s doubles partner, Baltimorean and partial owner of the Baltimore Orioles…a good resume so far as I’m concerned!)…and then we’re […]

This World Falls on Me

When I’m fighting myself about getting up at 5am to work out, I just need to think of scenes like this…taken at 5:20am today. [Indigo Girls lyrics = 62]

Leaving Black Marks on the Linoleum, Country Song on the Radio

I’ve spent a fair amount of my adult life (and, yes, my childhood in a non-rural setting) defending my love of country music…or hiding it. I distinctly remember waking up to the sounds of ‘Harper Valley PTA’ on the radio when I was seven and thinking what a great song Jeannie C. Riley was singing […]

I’d Sure Hate to Break Down Here

Miranda’s car broke down Saturday. Her eco-friendly rescue service sent out ‘Family Towing’. Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised, but the whole family came to help move the car. The seven-year-old grandson was enlisted to steer Miranda’s car onto the tow truck. You can see how Miranda felt about the whole situation. But a new […]


It hit me like a ton of bricks that neither I nor Miranda have ever featured Celebriducks on the blog. It’s way past time to tell the world (or, rather, the intimate community of readers at about CELEBRIDUCKS. Now I have owned (or, rather, been familiar with the product) for a couple years now. […]

And the head coach wants no sissies, so he reads to us from something called Ulysses

(Staff note: Wondered why Google had James Joyce on the second ‘g’ Wednesday? Well, this post, written by Kelly our Super Stringer explains… Happy Centennial Bloomsday! If you find yourself in an Irish pub tonight (or the closest thing to it), please raise your glass to James Joyce. His 1922 novel Ulysses, considered obscene […]