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{ Monthly Archives } March 2004

even [our] sweat smells clean

I apologize for being remiss in alerting y’all to the photos from this year’s Shamrock Shuffle. Here they are. As you can see, Mirandala and I were all about the stretching before the 8K. And we didn’t even make it to the beer tent afterwards because it was soooooo crowded. Some members of our party […]

Lights Out! Guerilla Radio! Turn That Sh*t Up!

Lefties rejoice! No more cursing at talk radio and its oxycontin-laced demagogues! Tomorrow at noon, Air America Radio will begin happily broadcasting lefty commentary and snark in select markets. The broadcast kicks off with the O’Franken Factor. Get your left-of-center groove on. Chicago: tune in to WNTD 950 AM Listen live here! 3/31/04: Ok – […]

Mountaineer Pride

If the fall-out from the offensive shirt ‘Two Wongs Can Make it White’ wasn’t enough of a wake-up call to Abercrombie & Fitch, they have pushed the envelope once again—this time, offending an entire state. Let us remember that A&F was once a store as nice as J. Crew and Banana Republic (before they also […]

Peep Survival Tests —not just for Easter anymore (Or, I remember [Bunnies] on Fire)

Remember when Peeps were only around for Easter, only yellow, and only chicks or bunnies? Now there are Peeps for every season in a pastel rainbow of colors. Mirandala first sent me this link a few years ago, and, lucky for us, the site has never done a 404. The tests performed on those brave […]

It’s The Book of Days

No one’s hanging stockings up No one’s baking pie No one’s looking up to see A new star in the sky No one’s talking brotherhood No one’s giving gifts And no one loves a Christmas tree On March the twenty-fifth —-Shel Silverstein’s “Merry…..” [Indigo Girls = 49]

There’s a Better Life and You Dream About It, Don’t You?

Heads up, y’all. Straight from Ladyfest on Foster, the Wild Graces will be kickin’ it country style Thursday at the Dolly Parton Tribute for Estrojam. We’ll be jump starting the show with two great Dolly songs – and then turning it over to an all-star line-up of Chicago musicians who are sure to rock your […]

The Prize is Always Worth the Rocky Ride

Okay, the ride wasn’t all that rocky—smooth roads, perhaps 5 miles of construction…and twelve hours of waiting outside The Pageant in St. Louis to secure our spots inside at the stage was well worth it. We made the most of the time—and beautiful weather—in St. Louis. The Girls played about half the selections from their […]

Let’s Go Road Block Trippin’ In the Middle of the Night

Hi! You have reached The staff is away from the office right now – so leave a message and we’ll get back to you when we return. 🙂 [Indigo Girls lyrics=47]

Re-Defeat Bush

Today’s guest blogger: Jon! What does Jon have to say for himself? Read on: I am contacting you to let you know about a new political organization with a catchy name, the Committee to Redefeat the President. I have volunteered at their last three events (I just got back from one of their events tonight!) […]

It Has to Start Somewhere It Has to Start Sometime

This one’s going out to my fellow Illini: I know it’s cold. I know it’s snowing. But, hey, suck it up. Get your butt out the door and Vote, Baby, Vote. [Rage Against the Machine lyrics=2]