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{ Monthly Archives } January 2004

she lives in my soul, drinks of my wine

You know what would warm up a cold day? A story about Mrs. Madrigal! Miranda, any recent anecdotes? ___________________ Why, Courtney, funny you should ask! You know, right after you dropped me off last night – around 11:30pm – I came into the foyer of the house, the light at the top of the stairs […]

Where’s My Money?

Dean’s Money Advantage Dwindles So, what you’re telling me is that you raised $41 million dollars and now you’re in multi-million dollar debt? And you’re changing campaign managers in the middle of the primary season? Howie. I expected better.

Break Time!

Here’s another great activity to pass the time at work…there’s audio, so make sure your volume is at an appropriate level.

Here’s Something Else for you to Juggle

The entire staff of (and, perhaps, a prerequiste for employment here), knows how to juggle. Why just this holiday season, we both brought juggling clubs back to Chicago. In practicing, I quickly learned that gloves were imperative during practice. But enough about us—seems that this hobby is really, really good for our smarts! A […]

this world falls on me

Programming Note: One of my favorite television segments is making its return after a two-year hiatus. Yes, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MATT LAUER? is returning to The Today Show starting February 9th, 2004. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this stunt. In previous years, I would make sure I was showered and […]


Ok. I was just listening to NPR and I heard Joe Lieberman say that he has “Joementum.” Then he said “hey! Que pasa, Hadassah!” I’m going to lie down now. I feel quite ill.

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man (except not)

Create your own visited country map at World66. [Johnny Cash lyrics=5]

I’m Not Kidding, People.

Click here for an important message from 1/2 of the staff of (Props to Chris @ Uffish for the idea)

Sa-wing batter batter!

288.8 Beat *that*.

A Piece of History?

In an attempt to avoid watching the State of the Union a/k/a Dubya’s re-elect me speech, I visited one of my favorite sites: WhoWouldBuyThat? Each week, people like you and me submit krazee items off internet auction boards, mostly from ebay. Two from this week are of note. For the political collector, bid on Wesley […]