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{ Monthly Archives } December 2003

You wander around on your own little cloud

My favorite Petula Clark song is: My Love. Do you have a favorite Pet Clark tune? 1. Downtown 2. A Sign of the Times 3. Don’t Sleep in the Subway 4. Let It Be Me 5. Colour My World 6. The Girl’s in Love With You 7. Kiss Me Goodbye 8. I Couldn’t Live Without […]

The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’ Anymore

Stumbled home from T’s last night, er, this morning, to find a voice mail from Mrs. Madrigal waiting for me: Ladies! For the first time in a long while, I’m too drunk to go down and close the door to the yard. So if you’re around and can do that…well, I’m too drunk and my […]

I Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese

So, the other day Courtney and I were watching a little Schoolhouse Rock and I suddenly remembered another Saturday morning educational diversion – Time for Timer.* You may remember Timer from ABC’s Health and Nutrition Commercials. He hankered for a hunk of cheese, he made orange juice ice-cube popsicles, he suggested healthy snacks of carrot […]

Buckingham Palace Announces: Dotty No Longer a Suspect

(Although this is one for the sideblog normally, I thought it deserved a post). Talk about being tried in the press—for the last week, the world has believed that Princess Anne’s terrier, Dotty, had killed one of the Queen’s beloved corgi’s, Pharos. Yesterday, Dotty was cleared and a new suspect emerged: Florence. Presumably, Dotty had […]

Travel – [We’ve] had [our] share, man

Well, we’re back. Survived another twelve-hour drive across the bottom of Pennsylvania (too many jersey walls!) and the nothern stretches of Ohio and Indiana. Thank goodness for the 65 m.p.h. speed limit and rest stops right on the turnpike. Not too many police cars (or smokeys in plain brown wrappers), but the periodic signs which […]

All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan

So, here we are again. Suddenly it’s that terrible week before Christmas – all the stress, all the shopping, all the work that has to be done before you can walk away and just be with family and friends at the end of the year. I, myself, have a million projects at the office to […]

Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire…

So, my friend Karen reminded me that it’s time to prepare for the holidays. See, every year we get together in our home town – usually on Christmas Eve – and go out for a festive dinner at one of the charming local establishments, and then, because there is absolutely nothing open on Christmas Eve, […]

And the Money Kept Rolling In…

No matter what the Supreme Court says, big money is part of politics. The McCain-Feingold law is a start, but the only thing that’s going to stop special interest money from screwing with our democracy is grassroots political activity. Until we have an informed and active electorate, we might as well acknowledge that the party […]

Here’s Your One Chance, Fancy, Don’t Let Me Down

Report on Indigopalooza II: Excellent time at the Hideout. I think we sounded pretty good – nice vocals, good guitars, fabulous drums – and it was especially good to hear that we have improved since our debut performance last Spring. Not that we’ll be headlining the United Center just yet, but at least now we […]

Can Any Human Being Ever Reach That Kind of Light

So, it’s that time again, folks. Time for the Indigo Girls Ensemble from the Old Town School of Folk Music to let loose and rock the house. It’s our last gig of the year – and probably our last gig for a long while – so come on down and join us one last time. […]