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{ Monthly Archives } November 2003

I Wish I Had a River I Could Skate Away On

Summary of my Friday night: Happily snuggled in for the evening. Watching a little TV, sipping some tea, peeking out the window at the snow. Suddenly, the sound of water. Melting snow? Rain? No…I walk back to the bathroom and step…straight into a floor full of water. The toilet is overflowing and water is running […]

Counting Shades of Light

So, we here at hope that all our readership (yes, all 12 of you) had a happy and cozy Thanksgiving Day. We had a very enjoyable time cooking, dining, and hanging out with friends. Despite some early concerns, we managed to produce a tasty meal – and weren’t reduced to serving toast, popcorn, and […]

Cover Me With Pretty Lies

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate Turkey/Tofurkey Day. Maybe you’ll be celebrating in front of the football games. Or eating non-stop the entire day. Or both. Maybe you’ll be home with family – or home with friends – this year. Whatever your plans, here’s hoping that you can spend this holiday […]

And you are?

Blogs fill need for people who pine to opine Mary Schmich, over at the Trib, writes a send up of blogs and their bloggers. According to Mary, bloggers are basically shut-ins who can’t bear to keep their opinions to themselves. So why do journalists seem to have such problems with blogging? Mary Schmich isn’t the […]

so what is love then, is it dictated or chosen?

Thanks to blog stringer and recent birthday-boy Jeff for the link to The Human Rights Campaign’s comprehensive coverage of this week’s historic ruling in Massachusetts. In addition to reading the complete text of this ruling, I’d encourage you all to link to Margaret Cho’s commentary, played on NPR yesterday. She, as usual, gets across her […]


Ok. So explain this to me. Istanbul is assaulted by suicide-bombers who take down the British Consulate and most of a London-based bank, killing at least 27 people and wounding nearly 400 more people. But the lead news story on (and the Chicago Tribune site) is all about frickin’ Michael Jackson? People, we are […]

Nip and Tuck

As first noticed over on Gaper’s Block, the Chicago Reader has received a bit of a facelift so that it now looks more like an up-to-date on-line resource and less like someone’s 10th grade computer project. Excellent!

Most Probably

Londoners protest Bush visit. London mayor, Ken Livingstone, calls Bush “the greatest threat to life on this planet that we’ve most probably ever seen.” Who can argue?

They Say It’s Your Birthday!!!

Yes, it’s certainly listed on The Book of Days, but wanted to give special mention and a big shout-out to good buddy and frequent Message Board contributor Jeff P., as he’s turning 3* today! Here he is, celebrating a trip to Krispy Kreme with his pals Arthur and Kyle!

Why, Wy?

Hot off the press: “Country singer Wynonna Judd was charged with driving under the influence early Thursday after a city police officer stopped her speeding Land Rover not far from Music Row. The arrest report states Judd had an odor of alcohol about her, had watery eyes and dilated pupils, and didn’t remember how many […]