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{ Monthly Archives } August 2003

Flash Back Warm Night, Almost Left Behind

Loyal readers of this blog may have noticed a recent downward trend in posting. Chalk it up to that certain languor produced by the waning days of a long, hot summer. The staff of, although busy with projects both personal and professional, is taking this opportunity to slow down a bit. Classes at the […]

Fired Up!

Courtney adding on here: Okay, I’ve just really liked Holly Near since she and Ronnie Gilbert were the featured performers at the Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers Reunion in 1985. I wasn’t there, but have the awesome documentary of the reunion (Called ‘The Women of Summer: An Unknown Chapter in American Social History’). […]

There’s an Open Seat at the 700 Club…

And it’s just waiting for a self-righteous ass like Roy Moore to come warm it… In case you haven’t heard, Roy Moore is the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. What does Roy want? Roy wants to keep the four-foot high, 5,280 lb. Ten Commandments monument in the rotunda of the courthouse. That’s a […]

I’m Gonna Stand Up and Let Myself Be Counted – Stand Up Now

Ok. We were physically back from Michigan late Sunday night, but I think it’s only now that we’re mentally back as well. So here’s where we try to explain just where we were and what we did this weekend. It’s not an easy thing to do, as the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival defies words, but […]

i’m under a starry sky, this world was meant for me

We’re back from ‘The Land’ as we festival-goers call it. In short: a great experience. The music? Unparalleled. Observances? Many. Formulating our thoughts into a coherent post we’ll present with multimedia offerings. [Indigo Girls Lyrics = 30]

The Very Close Quarters Are Hard to Get Used To

A last note to say buh-bye before we tromp off into the woods near Hart, Michigan for a weekend of fun, frolic, and feminism (but hopefully not fear and frottage). Be good-ish while we’re gone. [Indigo Girls lyrics=29]

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar – In Numbers Too Big to Ignore

Just an early warning note to say that the staff of will be taking a short blogging break from Friday through Sunday of this week. We’re off to Michigan, you see. No, not as in the state. As in the week-long women’s music festival. We’re going for the music. Which, admittedly, is like saying […]

Still the One

In case you missed it – Shania Twain gave a free concert in Grant Park on July 27th. NBC will broadcast the concert on August 19th at 7pm (CST). [Shania Twain lyrics=2]

Replacable, Disposable Fully Action Posable

It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for. I know you have. Ever since Rummy & Dick’s little boy landed on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in May, the world has been clamoring for a way to commemorate, even re-enact, this awesome display of military might. Some have waxed philosophical about […]

and still leonard peletier goes off to jail

IndiGazebo went well and can boast a decent crowd—but, please take note on the more subtle details of the evening. I post these pictures so you can appreciate that Mirandala, president of the site and resident Indigo Girls Ensemble Bass Player was sporting the same Free Leonard Peletier shirt which Amy and Emily are so […]