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{ Monthly Archives } July 2003

Long Time Gone

Thank you to everyone reading this — there has been a brief hiatus because of the goings-on with the staff of But cable modems are being fixed (me) and DSL lines are being connected (hopefully this week for Miranda). We have traveled back to the States (me) and moved (Miranda), and are now back […]

Yo! Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want!

From Courtney in Ye Olde England: Thursday was a long day — which is why I’m writing this on Friday afternoon. The Internet Cafe is only open until midnight and I didn’t get back in time last night to write a proper post. [Ed. Note: Someone has been picking up the local idiom…tally ho!] Kell […]

‘Cause Holes in Our Spirit Causin’ Tears and Fears – One-Sided Stories for Years and Years and Years

Grounding the Flying Nun Mother*$%#!ing Bush Administration. That’s my well-reasoned, calm, collected response to the Transportation Security Administration‘s use of two sets of shady, underground lists of names to harass non-terrorist American citizens at airports around the country. If your name is similar in any way to a name on the “terrorism” list, then you’ll […]

Paging Dr. Renee Richards…

An update from Courtney, World Traveler: Today, I went on one of my life’s pilgrimages…I’ve made it to the Grand Old Opry, The Sound of Music Tour in Austria, and both Snoopy Amusement Parks in the States, but I always wanted to visit Wimbledon. Today I did. Kelly was the lucky party who got to […]

Hello – Goodbye

Please welcome today’s guest blogger: Kelly. Today was a very English day for me. It began with a full English breakfast (well, *almost* full — I don’t eat warm mushrooms at any time of day, in any country). But the rest was great. Who would think that baked beans and warm tomatoes would hit the […]

I Went Down to the ‘Dilly to Check Out the Scene

From our intrepid Blogger-in-the-Field: Courtney here – on staff-assignment in London with special returning guest-blogger, Kelly!!! All flights arrived on time at Heathrow. I turned on my walkie-talkie in the Customs Line and found everyone waiting for me at Baggage Re-Claim (one of my favorite Britishisms – after all, re-claim suggests it was yours before; […]

So If You Still Know How, Talk To Me Now

Today we draw your attention to’s new message board (over there on the right – see it?). Why put up a message board? Aren’t we satisfied with the general paucity of comments on our individual posts? Do we really need to prove that love can sometimes be scarce? Um…yeah, whatever. Think of it as […]

Hello Norma Jean

Just a few quick photos from this weekend’s activities. No festivals this time – the staff of was busy packing. Courtney, for her family trip to the UK – me, for my move to a new apartment (the landlady lives upstairs – and looks like she will be an endless source of interesting stories […]

Speaking Of People Who Need A Good Smiting…

Broadcaster Pat Robertson Calls for Retirement of Justices. In case you hadn’t heard, Pat Robertson has launched a “21-Day Prayer Offensive” aimed at getting rid of the more liberal members of the Supreme Court. Your scriptural guide to this campaign can be found here. As Pat says, “One justice is 83-years-old, another has cancer and […]

The World Needs Wannabes; The World Loves Wannabes

Update: I have now seen two episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This show rocks! It’s funny and catty (which should be – but are not always – the same thing), fast-paced, and polished. Plus, although the victim’s environment usually gets a cleaning/make-over too, unlike on Trading Spaces, you don’t have to watch […]