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{ Monthly Archives } June 2003

When You’re Alone and Life Is Making You Lonely, You Can Always Go Downtown

As promised by Courtney – Click here for a quick re-cap of What We Did This Weekend. (Wait a little for the page to load) [Petula Clark lyrics=1] [3:18pm: Updated with even more photos!]

i feel no ill with time to kill i wanna play

Multi-media post to follow, but I’m headed to the airport…Mirandala will post some representative shots from a packed weekend in Chicago! [I.G. Lyrics = 24]

In Memoriam: A True Mawrter

It is our sad duty to report that Katharine Hepburn, Bryn Mawr Class of 1928, died today. She was a true original. And, although Bryn Mawr is the alma mater of many smart, successful women, she was, hands down, the alumna I would cite to try and epitomize the type of alums Bryn Mawr produces. […]

Don’t Say That You Love Me! Just Tell Me That You Want Me!

Excellent Fleetwood Mac concert last night at the Allstate Arena. Packed – the place was packed. And, while I’m at it – anyone notice how seedy the Allstate Arena seems to be? I didn’t remember it being that skanky… Meg compared the atmosphere to a second-rate bowling alley – and she’s right. Beer slime, nasty […]

Buskin’ Betsy!

Here’s a shout-out to a good buddy (and fellow Indigo Girls Guitar Ensemble member) of the staff of Betsy received her official Chicago Street Performer’s License and busked for 45 minutes at the corner of Monroe and Michigan on a busy and hot Friday afternoon. As you can tell from the photo, she made […]

But I Chose to Dance Across the Stages of the World

So, I’m pleased to say that I now feel human again. 🙂 Note to self: Do not do multiple shots of Jack on a school night again… Anyway, this whole feeling human thing is particularly good since tonight we will be catching Fleetwood Mac in concert. I am expecting a rollicking good time and hope […]

Hey Kind Friend

A big shout-out to Mirandala—IT’S HER BIRTHDAY!!! That’s right, the founder and president of this site is turning….well…you can check out the about page to see how old she is… [Indigo Girls lyrics=23]

Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining

Hmm. Of course, right after Terri posted her mysterious, melancholy journal entry, the Terri Clark message board lit up like a flat-screen TV at Sidetrack. Well-wishers from all parts of the country gathered to extend sympathy, empathy, encouragement… Say what you want about Terri’s fans (and we have), but they’re a supportive, enthusiastic and intensely […]

But I had to reach way down inside, I had to have faith I’d find, no fear

“Today is a new day, and I have a new Mantra – Ooooooooooohmmmmmmmmmmm…….. DON’T take it personally….. DON’T give up ….. DON’T forget how far you’ve come….. and….DON’T LET IT DRIVE YOU CRAZY !!!!…ok, it’s too late for that one ! An explanation shall follow at some point….but that is all I can muster up […]

But I’m still an embryo, with a long long way to go, until I make my brother understand…

From CNNSI.COM: “Less pay for more popular play” “At Wimbledon, women still earn less than men despite having the game more people want to watch….All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club Chairman Tim Phillips, and some men’s players, defend the difference, saying that women don’t have to play as many sets: the women are a […]