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{ Monthly Archives } May 2003

Fan Club Seats Rule! (Except Tim McGraw’s)

Okay. I don’t have my act together yet today to do a full review of Friday night’s Dixie Chicks concert, but here’s a great shot of Martie to hold you over until we post our real review. It should be a law that arena concerts set the stage in the middle.

Has anyone ever ridden in this car?

This is a new Honda Element. Bigger than the CR-V, roomier than the Honda Pilot. More sensible than the Mini-Cooper (except for parallel parking). Boxier than every other car on the market (I don’t count Hummers —I think they should be banned from the city limits). I’m very intrigued by it and wanted to ask […]

Oh it sounds so good to me

The Dixie Chicks concert was a blast! Probably my favorite arena concert ever. The company, of course, helped make that so (thanks to Michelle, Jen, Caryn, Meg, Betsy, Jay and Jen!) The Chicks put on as exciting a show as their FLY tour—and, as far as I was concerned, you couldn’t beat that one with […]

Poor, poor, pitiful me

Insomnia strikes again! Thought I’d take this late night/very early morning opportunity to complain about certain musicians who feel compelled to abuse me and my name. First, let us turn our attention to Barry Manilow. Ok, ok, I know that there are some people who really, really like Barry. His fans are legion. (Or maybe […]


A week from today, the staff of heads down to Fan Fair and, specifically, to The Terri Clark Fan Club Party(!) and stadium concert. As there are 400 people attending the Fan Club Party, we are allotted one picture and one autograph each. One thing we’re definitely suggesting is for Terri to schedule a […]

Me and Rex took the car. Ha ha! Stay home! … Stay!

Via WeblogWannabe. [The Story lyrics=1]

It ain’t sophisticated and that’s just fine with me

Tired of the witty repartee at Try out the World’s Dullest Blog. And then come screaming back. Don’t worry. We’ll take you in. Note: A recent post at the World’s Dullest Blog, entitled “Walking along at a steady pace,” generated 109 comments. 109. The staff here at is going to pretend that we […]

We Were the Mullet

Mirandala org for your Trouble Okay, I definitely fell for your Trouble Okay and I, checked out in country music, Now, looking for an artist crossing over again hosting the Ladies. Perfectly appropriate in others, we were the Mullet: Wednesday night I can get to walk across the interview with the plane with me, with […]

Women’s World Cup 2003

Yes, I write too much about sports, but I like to read about sports and sometimes I just can’t deal with the hard news stories. And my current imood is Sporty, and the last movie I saw is still Bend it Like Beckham. So there you have it. I thought everyone (or at least a […]

Annika: she has transcended golf

“When her final putt fell for a par, Annika Sorenstam walked off the 18th green at the Colonial to a standing ovation unlike anything the winner will hear Sunday. Never mind that she shot a 4-over 74 Friday and missed the cut by four shots.” There’s been a lot written about Annika Sorenstam over the […]