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{ Monthly Archives } March 2003

I give up.

Can you follow the logic? Yeah, neither can I. In a Nutshell

Someone stop me

Must. Stop. Posting. But until I do: the LiveJournal diary of Kim Jong Il. Dear diary. Bush still doesn’t ‘get it.’ I tried making my feelings clear but he’s too busy ignoring me, he is such a jerk. Everything in his life is just Saddam, Saddam, Saddam and I am sick of it. On the […]

Can you tell it’s Friday?

Ok – I know I’ve been on a post-a-thon today, but here’s one more. Back to Iraq 2.0 is the weblog of Christopher Albritton, a former AP and New York Daily News reporter who spent last summer in Iraqi Kurdistan (click here for photos from his trip) and has decided to go back now in […]

Spring is pushing through.

Let us hope so. I’m going to try to be with Annie Lamott on this one. But I may be a little too cranky about all the war and arrogance and ignorance to stay with her for too long. She writes: I asked a hopeless friend today, “What story would help you most? A story […]

In real wars, soldiers bleed; soldiers die

From the Arab News: As the Iraqi war moves into its eighth day, what is most extraordinary are the absurd and unrealistic expectations that people have had of it. That goes not only for public opinion, the media and politicians in the US, but also for armchair pundits across the world. Regardless of which side […]

Simon Says “Equal Protection!”

I point you to this quote from a article on Lawrence v. Texas, which was argued in the Supreme Court on Wednesday. [via Angst-ident Prone] So confusing is the argument, as it pings back and forth between due process and equal protection analysis, that at some point Justice Antonin Scalia asks Paul Smith, who […]

Oh, I’m stuck on a Band-Aid…

Ok, I don’t quite know why I’d want to buy an 840-count box of Band-Aids, but that’s one of‘s Bottom of the Page deals for today. Have you checked out this stuff? Go to the home page for Amazon and then scroll to the bottom. Look! Lots and lots of random (as in really […]

Yeah, that’s about right.

A thought-provoking blog entry about war – both the personal and the political kind. Because nothing is quite as simple as it’s supposed to be or as complicated as it seems.


Cintra Wilson of delivers an acid-dripping-y commentary on Ren?e Zellweger’s physique and talent in Chicago. Says Cintra: “I don’t want to see all of the divots in a woman’s sternum when I am looking down her cleavage. Collarbones should not look like BMX handlebars. Legs, preferably, should lead to an ass. Preferably, somebody singing […]

The fictition of a convincing anti-war movement

Ugh. Can someone please sit Michael Moore down and tell him that he’s about as helpful to the anti-war movement as Jack Kevorkian is to the assisted suicide movement? Said Moore: “We live in a time with fictitious election results that elect fictitious presidents. We live in a time when we have a man sending […]