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{ Monthly Archives } February 2003

I’m axing America: What about the children?!

Two sad Pennsylvania passings to note today. First, Fred Rogers, of sweater-zipping, shoe-changing fame. Second, Tom Glazer, of children’s songwriting fame. Tom Glazer, a Philly native, was a folk singer in the original sense of the word. He performed for Eleanor Roosevelt, sang on radio shows, and was an active participant in numerous movie and […]

Buffy Go Away. Me Sad. – Put a stake in it: Gellar leaving ‘Buffy’ Pointed (pointed! get it?! get it?! oh, never mind.) out by Kelly this morning. Of course, Buffyverse citizens have long awaited this sad, but inevitable news. Understandable, I suppose. Seven years is a long time for such a complex and original show. If ER and […]

McNuggets for York

Chump Change for York, PA So sad. The mayor of York, PA, my hometown, has decided that the way to solve the city’s budget deficit is to ask people who live in the county to donate $3.32, or about the cost of a Mickey D’s Happy Meal. Apparently he’s gotten around 5,000 donations so far, […]

What you didn’t see at the Grammys last night.

1. Faith Hill wearing clothing below the waist. (And, by the way, did anyone else notice that during her live performance she 1) didn’t look like herself at all; and 2) seemed to be suffering from some kind of respiratory illness?) 2. Art Garfunkel looking good. 3. Gwen Stefani with a future as a Playtex […]

Sensitive New Age Guy

Excellent concert last night at Schuba’s by David Wilcox. He’s got a new album out, so he’s touring. David has a sweet tenor voice – sounds a little James Taylorish – and he is unbelievably good on the guitar. His songs are solid folkie fare: love, hope, sadness, car as metaphor for escape… His between-song […]

Oh, ick.

Orange is the new black From Tina Brown’s article today: “The Bush crowd’s only management style . . . is to unzip and thwack it on the table.” Eeuw. Bad, bad visuals.

How can a man with no front teeth be so appealing?

Just saw Adaptation – which is the Spike Jonze movie based on the Susan Orleans book, The Orchid Thief. Like Being John Malkovich, this is a movie that will shake up your understanding of what a story is. Somehow, it’s linear storytelling without being linear storytelling. Go figure.

Sidekick free.

Yo. The Sidekick is now free. Free, I tell you.

Screw Valentine’s Day

Be my anti-valentine. Just a thought.

Why you shouldn’t have Chris Matthews over to the house. has an interview today with Chris Matthews, one of those freak-show cable tv guys. Apparently, after years of Clinton-bashing, he is now actually talking about something that matters: the inevitable war in Iraq. Surprise – he’s against it (no, really, that is a surprise). And he thinks Bush is wrong. But he still likes […]