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{ Monthly Archives } January 2003

Man In Black

Apparently I am the only one who didn’t know about Johnny Cash’s last album. I just saw the video he did for his cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt.” A little heavy on the Christ imagery, but otherwise, it’s brilliant. Even some nice shots of the ethereal June Carter Cash.


Just when you thought you were safe from any Superbowl commentary from me… Especially since I didn’t really watch the game and couldn’t care less who won or was playing or whatever… All I’ll say is that whoever put the half-time show together obviously didn’t heed Whitney Houston’s declaration that “crack is whack.” I’ve said […]

You can smell like dung too…

Colonial House Casting Yes, now you can apply to live without indoor plumbing, central air-conditioning, electricity, cell phones, Tivo, and DSL services! Oh the joy! Oh the Challenge! Oh the Lack of Anti-Perspirant! All you need to do is take five months out of your life this summer and fall in order to live an […]

Butt Fixation

Hmm…Someone’s got issues. And this. This has nothing to do with butts, actually. Other than it’s pretty, and some butts are pretty (although, really, most butts aren’t).

grumble grumble

Has anyone ever noticed that the less you want to work, the more work you have to do? grr.

Honky Tonk Gal

Ok, so you know how I’ve been on this insane country music kick? You’re thinking that this is where I tell you that I’ve gotten over it and I’m back to quirky, under-appreciated rock and electronica, right? So wrong, my friend. Apparently I’ve gone over the edge. But I’m taking you with me. We know […]

Math is…hard?

This calculator is so very, very wrong. Warning: Turn down your speakers if you are at work (but don’t turn them down all the way or you’ll miss the point…).


Just a test of the emergency blogging system…this is a photo taken with the camera attachment to the Sidekick. I don’t know if there’s any way to post photos directly from the Sidekick via MovableType though…must investigate…

Strange German people

Family keeps pet eel in bath, for 33 years. There’s not much to say about this, really. Except. Eeeuw.


Ok. This is a test of Sidekick/blog compatibility. ‘Cause I’m sitting downstairs at the coffeeshop right now. No computer in sight, no wires, no cables. Just me and the Sidekick and a nice cup o’ joe. Oh, and some really bad coffeeshop music. Yet another business establishment that needs a visit from Insulting Consulting, LLP. […]