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{ Monthly Archives } December 2002

But Why?!

So, if you were a Japanese baby seal, why (why?!) would you dress up like sushi?

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out…

Hola! Happy Not-Yet-New-Year! Courtney and I had a fun-filled, eleven-plus-hour journey across the plains to York and Cockeysville on Saturday. We even managed to stop for some T & A in Toledo…you know how Courtney enjoys a little T & A… Sunday: obligatory trip to visit the grandparents. They were very cute and Grandma Toby […]

Later, Gator

OK. Heading home tomorrow to the East Coast, so no updates on the site for about a week or so. But when I get back – there should be any number of exciting and fabulous photos and stories to share. In the meantime, enjoy Hampden. And, finally, if you’re looking for those last minute gifts, […]

The International Sign for…Barf?

‘Bred Crumbs [] Fun post with possible interpretations of pictographic signs aimed at international visitors of amusement parks.

Whip it good.

Today, for no particular reason, I give you this: About this, I say only that America is a wondrous place filled with many exciting vacation destinations.

Dress Up for Daddy*

Snowman Builder Nifty snowman construction site to occupy your time when you should otherwise be working… * reference to movie that is perhaps better described than viewed…

So, where are you from? No, I mean, REALLY…

There aren’t a lot of asians in the blogosphere…nah, it’s mostly a white boy/white girl world out here in cyberspace – which really isn’t that surprising since, well, it’s mostly a white boy/white girl world period. Still, every now and then you’ll come across a great asian-american* blog (asian blog? asblog? (no, no, that sounds […]


Google Press Center: 2002 Year-End Zeitgeist Check out the year’s top gaining and declining search terms as well as the most popular brands, music, movies and women on the web as seen by Google users. See? There really can’t be too many posts about google… I might also add that, according to this year’s Google […]

Do you google?

The World According to Google Can there ever be enough posts about Google? Well, maybe – but we’re not there yet. Here’s a good article about the power and prevalence of Google. Google as a social phenomenon, if you will.

Oh no, Mr. Bill!

Overheard at the gym: Man 1: Dammit! Man 2: What? What?! Man 1: The butt machine’s broken! Man 2: Dammit!