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{ Monthly Archives } November 2002

Band on the Run

Salutations from our as-yet-unnamed band. Here we are jamming. Pretty cool, eh? We’re just getting started on material for our VH-1 Behind the Music special. I don’t think we’ve even decided yet which one of us will become chemically dependent and get thrown out of the band, hit bottom, get through rehab on the third […]

Them’s Fightin’ Words.

Google Fight : Make a fight with Googlefight Ok, so the question of the day is – How many wacky applications can Google spawn? You’ll be happy to know that, with the aid of Googlefight, we now know that when push comes to shove comes to fisticuffs, the results are as follows: Bryn Mawr College […]

dub dub dub twang

Currently trying out a new on-line music subscription service: Rhapsody – which I picked up at There’s a free 7-day trial available and two different plans – one is $2.95/mo and the other is $9.95/mo. For the pricier plan you get unlimited play-on-demand access to a fairly large catalogue of music as well as […]

Y’all Come Back, Y’hear?

So, I’m becoming concerned by the amount of country music I’ve been listening to lately. Seems like everytime I load up the mp3 player for my bus ride it’s full of Terri Clark and Faith Hill and Alison Krauss and Kelly Willis. Not that country music is a bad thing. It’s just that I used […]

I’ll sing, but I’m not going to Florida.

Overheard in the elevator today: Man 1: Disneyland is in California. Disneyworld is in Florida. Man 2: Uh-huh. Man 1: All I’m saying is that Mickey Mouse is a very special person and today is his birthday and… Man 2: I’ll sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, but I’m not going to Florida.

And How Are YOU?

Another social whirlwind weekend… Margot in town. She looks fabu – haven’t actually seen her since the last time I lived in Chicago – about 6 years ago – and considering that we were basically joined at the hip in college, it was great to see her again. We also got to 1) meet her […]


Googlism drops your name (or hometown, or dog) into Google, cross-references it, shakes-not-stirs it, and pops out a nifty listing of what the web thinks you (or your hometown or your dog) are. According to Googlism, I am the following: miranda is jointly owned by deutsche asset management miranda is required for the asymmetric localization […]

Champers, Blobby…

Children in Need: Facts About Pudsey Bear Actually, what children really need are facts about why adults feel compelled to talk trash about the trials of Pudsey (Pudsey!) Bear. “Pudsey even had to seal up his dustbins to stop fans and tabloid journalists from sifting through his rubbish in search of an exclusive story.” And […]

Ha! No one is safe.

Just when you thought there would be no pictures posted from this weekend…hah! This is actually a photo taken in one of our favorite diners: the Golden Nugget. At the Golden Nugget the menu is split between kitchy gambling-theme food items (my favorite breakfast choice is the Dealer’s Special) and an entire section of Huevos […]

Sing It, Sister!

A lovely weekend spent with Rob, Courtney, and Tejal. Testing out new places in the never-ending search for Our Favorite Place. A few highlights: We tried the Holiday Club. Er, no. Definitely no. Let’s see…the Cosmos were like watered down purple water. The bar was so dimly lit that we could barely see our food. […]